World's first fully automatic roti making appliance. Fresh rotis at a touch of a button. Healthy homemade without the hassle.

The Indian dinner table, as rich as it is, always tends to miss its key ingredient – the mother. She is usually tucked away in the kitchen baking rotis on a flaming hot pan. She could make them well before dinner is served and enjoy this quality time with her loved ones but she wants to be sure that every loaf is puffed and fresh when it is served. This has been so for centuries and even today women holding demanding day jobs have to come home to the tedium of roti making. As technologists and engineers passionate about problem solving, Pranoti and Rishi saw this as a great opportunity to bring a purpose led innovation to life.

With Rotimatic, Let's hope people will eat healthier and live better.

  • Hold upto 20 rotis worth of ingredients
  • Option to choose the thinkness
  • Option to choose the softness
  • Option to choose the amount of oil
  • One roti a minute
  • Works with all flour brands
  • Simple to clean
  • Makes doughballs and puri sized flour discs